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Landscaping For Pest Control

Our aim in revitalizing your property is to create an environment that repels pests while enhancing its appeal to you.

Landscaping Services

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Cedar Woodchips & Gravel

Integrating cedar wood chips or gravel alongside scheduled pest control treatments offers our customers a multifaceted approach to comprehensive and sustainable pest management. The inherent natural repellent properties of cedar wood create an environment that deters various pests, including  termites, spiders, fleas, moths, ants, mosquitoes, and ticks. The long-lasting effectiveness of cedar wood chips ensures continuous pest control benefits without the need for frequent intervention. Additionally, opting for these materials reduces the reliance on chemical pesticides, aligning with environmentally friendly practices. The visual and aesthetic appeal of cedar wood chips and gravel contributes to well-groomed outdoor spaces, making them more enjoyable for recreational activities. Moreover, the physical barrier created by gravel impedes the movement of pests, acting as an additional deterrent. This low-maintenance and versatile solution enhances the overall effectiveness of scheduled treatments, providing customers with a holistic and eco-friendly approach to pest control.​

Property Clean-up

  1. Eliminating downed trees and leaves, diminishing hiding spots for pests.

  2. Clearing tall grasses and brush, ensuring a clean and pest-resistant landscape.

  3. Installing gravel or cedar wood chip plant bedding

       for an aesthetically pleasing and pest-discouraging setting.

Should you require any specific improvements or services on your property, please feel free to reach out. We're here to assist in every possible way, committed to making your space both pest-resistant and enjoyable for you.

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